McDonald’s Customers Notice Encounter Between Black Teen And Cop, Gets Phone And Record It

A customer in a Texas McDonald’s caught a heartwarming moment on his phone when a police officer paid for a black teenager’s meal. The image was famous in minutes after it was posted on Facebook, it has been shared over 2,000 times in two days.

The teenager, wearing a maroon shirt in the photo, pulled out his wallet to pay for order before Deputy Michael Calhoun decided to treat the young man, KAGS reports.

“No man, I got it,” he said. “Get what you want.”

The photographer, Jayy Delarosa, captioned the Facebook photo with:

Took this picture [just] bout 5 mins ago here at the Mc Donalds here on Texas ave. The guy in the maroon shirt [was] gonna pay for his food and when he pulled out his wallet the officer said “no man I got it. Get what [you] want” there are good police officers out there not all are bad. This touched my heart.
Sources: KAGS